Many thanks to Toua from the AnimeSuki Forums for pointing out this short movie by Paul Grignon:

As for my commentary on the movie, it was like one of those ideas that you know deep inside, but that for whatever reason you can never finish to give shape to until someone finally gives you the final push. It’s one of those things you have a vague idea of, one of those things that no one taught you and that you were, little by little, figuring out. Of course, I could have never imagine the magnitude of what this movie is pointing out.

Anyways, the movie does have its “conspiracy-theory” side, but ignoring that part, it is a very worthwile watch. At least, it gave me the assurance that I wasn’t the only one worried about the constant exponential growth capitalism these days is an advocate of, and it also presented my ever-lasting idea that a perfect society is a society that stays in balance, a society that does not require progress in order to sustain itself. Of course, this is like grinding chalk for the ears of the anachronistic laissez faire advocates and those who believe that “it already works”, who can’t even bear to open their minds to another way of understanding the functioning of a society and the possibility of changing how things work–which also shows a poor understanding of history.

There are rough times ahead. The downfalling peak of the money-as-debt vicious circle is beginning to show itself once more, and it promises to be even more damaging than the crash of ’29–nowadays, things are much more interconnected, and countries are even more interdependent than ever. Even more, the planet itself is beginning to show signs of exhaustion. Will the spiraling loop of madness finally close itself in a sane manner, or will it loudly crash against the roof? Only time will tell.