This is a place were for me (wanderingknight) and my ramblings on several topics, including anime, overall Japanophilia, politics, philosophy, the Linux world…

So I guess a short introduction is in order? I hail from Argentina, I was born in 1988 and am and a male student of English Translation. Like all good geek should, I take interest in lots of things, be it music, anime, Linux, politics, philosophy, Japan, foreign languages, Monty Python, women, love, beer… If I were to be asked how do I define myself, I really wouldn’t know how. Perhaps “myself and my circumstances” should suffice? Hard to say. Let’s leave it at that for now. If you find myself interesting for some remote reason out of my intellectual grasp, you can always come back. If you don’t, well then, that nice address bar you’ve got up there in your browser can lead you out at any time. I hope you enjoy your stay in the meantime.


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